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Sailors donate time to help hunger organization

Naval Station Great Lakes (NSGL) Sailors volunteered their time packaging food at the Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) organization in Libertyville June 14.

FMSC, founded in 1987, is a Christian non-profit organization the supplies nutritionally complete meals, to more than 70 countries around the world, that are specifically formulated for malnourished children.

Renne Zorc, a team leader with FMSC, says they welcome all volunteers, especially the motivated Sailors from NSGL.

“Two weeks ago we were down on our production and to get caught up we needed to do an astronomical amount of food, something like 30 boxes per station, which is craziness,” Zorc said. “During a session with the Navy, I said are you guys up for a challenge and they always say yes. They came within 18 boxes of having us totally caught up. I think they filled about 250 boxes that session.”

This most recent session is the second time in two weeks that Sailors have volunteered their off time to fill bags of food, move boxes and other things within the organization. One of these volunteers is EM3 Joy Hardy, who works in the Religious Ministry department aboard NSGL.

Hardy said, “I have volunteered twice here. It makes me feel like I am a part of something good and that I am helping others in need. Being here makes you feel good seeing how much food is packed and how many kids that you have really helped.”

Zorc says it doesn’t matter what they ask of Navy volunteers, their hands always go up.

“You need warehouse crew, you need people to label boxes, they do anything and everything we ask them to do. When the whole room is full of Navy volunteers they get excited and they build that excitement for everyone in the room.”

Zorc explained that she felt that the reason so many Sailors volunteer is the same reason the want to be in the Navy, to serve.

“It strikes me that that’s kind of in their nature, if you want to serve for the United States, then you want to serve for anybody.”

For more information on the Feed My Starving Children organization, visit

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