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Finding wellness in retirement


Finding wellness and maintaining it can be difficult as one gets older

Health issues, the loss of friends and family and the susceptibility to boredom all need to be overcome to achieve wellness that’s healthy for the body, mind and spirit.

Sadly, many seniors struggle with wellness, especially those who live alone, are restricted because they cannot drive or are allowing physical issues to limit their ability to participate.
Fortunately, those who have made the wise decision to relocate to a senior retirement community, such as Paradise Park, are afforded plenty of opportunities for emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and even vocational wellness.

Paradise Park offers a variety of activities each day within the community, usually anywhere between a half dozen to nine and more. There are also outings scheduled outside of its comfy environs. There are certainly a lot of fun things to do at Paradise Park, but the community’s staff also stimulates its residents with unique and fun opportunities elsewhere.

Residents are encouraged to participate, but never forced. There’s a good balance of different things being offered so that there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

While a senior is often limited when living at home alone or with their spouse, they’d have to try real hard to be bored at Paradise Park.

There are memory games, trivia, crossword puzzles, front porch travels and entertainers and guest speakers that are great for the mind.

Residents can take care of their bodies at Paradise Park with low impact exercise classes, a walking club, physical therapy, dancing and Wii. They also enjoy spiritual wellness with church service, religious sing along, special activities for the soul, spiritual readings and more.

Annual highlights include a prom, luau, senior Olympics, intergenerational programming and more! There’s no doubt that wellness can be found at Paradise Park. Come get it!

Paradise Park Assisted Living & Memory Care, 16 Lilac Ave., Fox Lake

(847) 973-8800

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